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I might need help.

2013-02-09 07:49:52 by Exslider2

I know how to make a flash movie, but I just try to make a flash movie as good as the other new flash.
I have made a couple of flash movies, but I am too afraid to post them because I don't want to get a rating below 4.00.
I need to make a good one, and also I apologies you all what I do in my psychotic childhood in this website (Well it was in my reviews and older post that I was a psycho when I was young).
Since I'm 13 now, I should also make a flash game too, which is a lot harder then making a movie.
My favorite type of games were fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Blazblue, Soul Calibur, Skullgirls, Arcana Heart, Guilty Gear, etc.
I don't even know what "Exslider2 has not been scouted" means.
How do I get to be scouted?
Anyways, I am doing this because this is my recommended website to play games in and I'm actually poor (Lack of money) which means I couldn't pay for my school, more video games, and I couldn't even pay to stay in the country where I was born which is Bahrain, but I'm half Portuguese and half Filipino.
So that means I need to do something.
Also, R.I.P MLP: Fighting is Magic :'(.
Still, I really like this website and I thank to people's submitting stuff that makes me smile :).
I'll need help, if want to help me, it's a pleasure to help me :D.


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2013-02-09 09:02:33

2 scared to get a rating below 4? lol ur such a pusi olololol trolld hard dkjagsiog
But in all seriousness, don't be. If it's your first, real attempt at making a flash movie seriously, it'll probably turn out fine.

As for the "scouted" thing, it means that your audio will not show up on the "approved artists" list on the Audio Portal. Someone would have to check your audio submission(s), and if they think you have good stuff, they'll send a request to scout you, which you'll have to accept/decline.