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I respect honor and video games.

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I know how to make a flash movie, but I just try to make a flash movie as good as the other new flash.
I have made a couple of flash movies, but I am too afraid to post them because I don't want to get a rating below 4.00.
I need to make a good one, and also I apologies you all what I do in my psychotic childhood in this website (Well it was in my reviews and older post that I was a psycho when I was young).
Since I'm 13 now, I should also make a flash game too, which is a lot harder then making a movie.
My favorite type of games were fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Blazblue, Soul Calibur, Skullgirls, Arcana Heart, Guilty Gear, etc.
I don't even know what "Exslider2 has not been scouted" means.
How do I get to be scouted?
Anyways, I am doing this because this is my recommended website to play games in and I'm actually poor (Lack of money) which means I couldn't pay for my school, more video games, and I couldn't even pay to stay in the country where I was born which is Bahrain, but I'm half Portuguese and half Filipino.
So that means I need to do something.
Also, R.I.P MLP: Fighting is Magic :'(.
Still, I really like this website and I thank to people's submitting stuff that makes me smile :).
I'll need help, if want to help me, it's a pleasure to help me :D.

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